When To Submit 


Diverse Work:  We recognize the discrimination faced by many of our contributors and the oppressive systems on which our country is built (colonization, racism, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, classism, ageism, capitalism, etc.) We welcome people belonging to diverse communities to submit to The Northern Appeal, and we work to prioritize voices that are currently underrepresented. 

Publication rights: If your submission is accepted for publication in The Northern Appeal, we will ask you to grant us one-time rights to your work. What the heck does that mean? Basically, we’re asking for permission to publish your work once, in the print issues of The Northern Appeal, but you retain ownership of your work and can freely submit it for publication elsewhere.  If your submission has previously been published in another magazine, book or website, check that they do not own exclusive rights to your work before you submit it to The Northern Appeal.

Review process: All submissions are reviewed ANONYMOUSLY by our editorial board. 

(this section was inspired by the Important Considerations section of Open Minds Quarterly

Submission Guidelines
    • Email all submissions to:
    • We accept multiple submissions. Please submit each submission in ONE document and ensure each new piece begins on a new page).
    • Do NOT include your name on the document, but please include it in the body of your email.
    • Written submissions are preferred in Microsoft Word format. If this is a problem, copying & pasting directly into the email works as well.
    • Make the subject line of your email: SUBMISSION: *genre* (i.e. SUBMISSION: poetry, SUBMISSION: photography, etc.)
    We will consider a maximum of FIVE poems per person. If you submit more than this, only the first five will be considered.
    We will consider a maximum of SIX typed, single spaced pages of fiction, creative non-fiction, essays or graphic novel style prose.
    Artwork & Photography

    For photography and other visual art, we will accept a maximum for SIX photos. Please submit as a JPEG image at 300dpi or higher. If submitting a painting or collage, please submit a 300dpi or higher scan of the piece as a JPEG. Please include a title with each of your pieces.


    NOTE: Submissions sent to us while our submissions are closed will NOT be considered.