you hit the brights and told of passenger seat nights ambulance unit your crooked teeth are still present there my own are in her bedroom stare there are rumours of a civil war // steeling my self for nights when my girls inhale spirits in the heart of bliss / there’s the warrant of a kiss / misplaced Orosim poised and patient, my eyes flickered to the backseat i am your shoulder for her out of night, she carried you and your love up south beach she whispered what she loved ‘foreign boys haunt me still’ she’s a mother, i hear, echoed in frames keep him on his side, that night you spilled your borrowed sin i held a vigil, orosim And when your bodies open my hands will trace you in the light fight fast, my darlings broken darkparts are holy in the night celebrate stolen marriage, oh she yearns to shudder at his touch what he traces in his dreams, she’s shivers far too much darkparts, a hidden lip, a tangled foreign brush comfort in a shoulder she knows is far too hushed